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Attendees at the at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new CALEDO building (from left to right): Prof. Manfred Bayer (Rector of TU Dortmund), Anke Richter (BLB Dortmund), Prof. Gabriele Sadowski (TU Dortmund and Speaker of CALEDO), Dortmund Mayor Thomas Westphal, Gabriele Willems (Managing Director BLB NRW), architect Eckhard Gerber, and NRW Science Minister Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen. © Oliver Schaper​/​TU Dort­mund
This is how the new research building will look like: The design comes from the Dortmund-based architectur firm Gerber. © Gerber​/​TU Dort­mund

CALEDO construction begins

A new research building for Solvation Science will be erected at the TU University Dortmund

On Monday 22 March 2021, a symbolic turn of the sod marked the beginning of the construction work for the research building "Center for Advanced Liquid-Phase Engineering Dortmund" (CALEDO). At the North Campus of TU Dortmund University convened NRW Science Minister Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen, Dortmund's city Mayor Thomas Westphal, TU University Dortmund Rector Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer, and RESOLV Principal Investigator and speaker of the new research centre Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sadowski. Together with ZEMOS, the first research building for Solvation Science at Ruhr University Bochum, CALEDO will be the second building dedicated to Solvation Science in RESOLV.

CALEDO facts and figures:

  • Space: 3600 m2
  • Workplace: ca. 100 scientists
  • Labs: S1, S2, Good manufacturing practice, Chemical Engineering
  • Costs: The Federal State and NRW state have invested ca. 72 € million (ca. 10 € million for large scientific equipment) 
  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sadowski (TU University Dortmund) 

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Leading actor: the solvent

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