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Learn about Solvation Science with RESOLV

RESOLV supports curious minds, from high school students to doctoral candidates, to acquire knowledge about Solvation Science.

Getting young people excited about science is a major goal of RESOLV. The versatility and applicability of Solvation Science provides a unique framework for many areas of interest. Fundamental principles of Solvation Science can be made tangible with simple experiments, so that even young students can gain an interesting insight into the subject. This was impressively demonstrated at RESOLV's interactive exhibition "Völlig Losgelöst (Completely detached)".

RESOLV supports dedicated formats to engage with the next generation of Solvation Scientists. This includes RESOLV's own projects such as Solvation Science Student Challenge and SolvationScience@School as well as established youths projects like "Jugend forscht" and the Girls/Boys Day.

The project SolvationScience@School offers students and their teachers the opportunity to write and present their Facharbeiten on a topic of Solvation Science. RESOLV invites teachers to work together with didacticians to develop possible experiments for the Facharbeiten, and RESOLV supports the acquisition of the necessary materials. The best student submissions are rewarded.

The Student Challenge "Your Step into Solvation Science" is aimed at current master students and PhD Students. Ten Groups from RESOLV offer topics of scientific intrest and the students can apply with their own reasearch proposal. An independent jury selects the winners, who then receive a scholarship for a 3-month stay in a RESOLV group to carry out their research idea.