Goossen Group

Bimetallic catalyst for cross coupling chemistry 

About the group:

Our research is devoted to the development of straightforward catalytic “dream-reactions” as alternatives to inconvenient and hazardous multistep transformations. We are particularly interested in defining new strategies for the minimization of waste produced within a synthetic sequence by:

  • utilizing unusual substrate classes for catalytic cross-couplings
  • activating inert molecules such as carbon dioxide
  • regioselectivity functionalizing C−C, C−O or C−H bonds
  • designing regio-and stereoselective catalytic addition reactions

The reaction portfolio includes homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, electrochemistry, and photochemistry. In the context of catalytic method development, we design novel catalysts and construct customized reactors as well as hard- and software tools for instrumental analysis. Our experimental work is supported by mechanistic investigations and quantum mechanical calculations, and complemented by organic syntheses that allow verifying the practical applicability of the new processes in the preparation of complex molecules such as pharmaceuticals.

What they are looking for in students:

- Coursework or research experience in organic and inorganic chemistry.

- Experience in homogeneous catalysis is advantageous.

- Proficiency in techniques such as synthesis, purification, and characterization (e.g., NMR, IR, MS).

- Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

- Effective communication skills in English and/or German, both written and verbal.

- Constantly high motivation

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HOW To Apply

Apply here

For your application you will need:

  • CV with contact details and affiliation (max. 2 pages)
  • letter of motivation related to Solvation Science (1 page)
  • your research proposal (1 page)
  • your diploma (Bachelor or Master)

Prerequisites: Current Master and PhD students with experience in Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences or related topics of Engineering

Start:  15 of July 2024

Deadline: 01st September 2024

The results will be announced at the end of September 2024.

The following selection period will be open in October 2024





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