California explores Solvation - CalSOLV

RESOLV has a sister research center in the Golden State!

Under the direction of theoretical chemist Teresa Head-Gordon and laser spectroscopist Richard Saykally, several groups at UC Berkeley have established the local research consortium California explores Solvation (CALSOLV). Since 2014, Berkeley scientists address the intricate details of solvation in close collaboration with the researchers in Germany. The RESOLV/CALSOLV partnership thrives on topics such as X-ray spectroscopy of liquids and solutions, enzyme catalysis, and ab initio calculations of solvated structures and chemical reactions. The RuhrCal collaboration has started to produce multiple joint publications.

“Collaboration between scientists from Berkeley and the RESOLV cluster would greatly expedite the progress in addressing solvation crucial problems.”

Teresa Head-Gordon

Scientists of each consortium are busy flying on the Düsseldorf-San Francisco route, constantly seeking a fruitful exchange of knowledge. Teresa Head-Gordon and Evan Williams from UC Berkeley have presented solvation related talks at various RESOLV events (e.g. Bunsentagung 2015). On the other hand, Martina Havenith received a Visiting Miller Research Professorship from UC Berkeley that allowed her to perform research in Berkeley in September-October 2014. Training of young researchers is a pivotal goal of the partnership, too: An exchange program gives students of RESOLV and CalSOLV studentships to visit the corresponding sister institute in USA/Germany for at least 2-3 months.

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Interview with Teresa and Martin Head-Gordon