A list of the Advanced Modules offered at our GSS Summer School in 2017 can be found below. 

No of Module Title and Abstract of Advanced Module Department offering Module
1 Measuring conformational dynamics and water accessibility of a spin-labeled protein by EPR Enrica Bordignon, EPR Spectroscopy, RUB
2 Protein unfolding in vitro vs. in cellulo - from dilute solutions into the cell Simon Ebbinghaus, Laser Spectroscopy and Biophotonics, RUB & Frank Schulz, Natural Products, RUB
3 Parallel reaction screening and automated analysis of solvent effects on homogeneously catalyzed reactions Lukas Gooßen, Organic Chemistry, RUB
4 Metalloproteins: Kinetic and spectroscopic charaterization of [FeFe]-hydrogenases by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy & GC analysis Thomas Happe, Photobiotechnology, RUB
5 FTIR Spectroscopy Martina Havenith, Physical Chemistry, RUB
6 Molecular Dynamics: Structure and Dynamics of Water Matthias Heyden, MPI coal research & Lars Schäfer, Molecular Simulations, RUB
7 Determining absolute configurations with vibrational CD spectroscopy Christian Merten, Chirality and Vibrational optical activity, RUB
8 Fundamentals of Ultrafast Spectroscopy Patrick Nürnberger, Ultrafast Photochemistry, RUB
9 Electroanalytical methods for monitoring solvent induced changes in diffusion and reaction kinetics - The case study of hydrogenases in redox hydrogels Nicolas Plumere, Molecular Nanostructures, RUB
10 Characterisation of anti-biofouling coatings Axel Rosenhahn, Analytical Chemistry - Biointerfaces, RUB
11 Enzymatic peptide hydrolysis: Measuring kinetics, reaction equilibrium and enzyme activity Gabriele Sadowski, Chair for Thermodynamik, TU Dortmund
12 Theory & Modelling - TIP5P-FQ: A polarizable force field for water Rochus Schmid, Computational Material Chemistry, RUB
13 MD Simulation of Micelle Formation
Eckhard Spohr, Theoretical Chemistry, University Duisburg-Essen