Graduate School Scholarship Programme

Graduate School Scholarship Programme

Scholarships for International Doctoral Students

In cooperation with the Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the integrated Graduate School Solvation Science (iGSS)  will again offer 4 promising doctoral students the opportunity to undertake their doctoral studies under the supervision of one scientist within the RESOLV consortium. Four scholarschips were already awarded to begin in 2021 and 2022.

Two additional scholarships are available for doctoral studies to begin est. April - 1. December 2023 (fifth call: applications accepted 10th October - 12th December 2022). They will be funded by DAAD for up to 4 years. Please read here  for more information on the application process.

Note the starting dates are dependent on the application and visa process, please review the steps linked above and plan ahead.


iGSS Training Programme

Besides preparing a doctoral thesis, all iGSS members will complete a structured training programme. The programme focuses on:

  • deepening the knowledge in Solvation Science and related fields
  • learning how to present the own research in front of scientific experts and in front of the lay public
  • international work experience
  • generic skills
  • technology transfer activities

For more details, please refer to our Training Schedule .