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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures


RESOLV is a cluster of excellence within the German Excellence Initiative (DFG code EXC 2033). RESOLV is short for Ruhr Explores Solvation, it has already been funded during the period 2012-2018. The new RESOLV officially started in January 2019. Within the Cluster, a growing number of scientist successfully investigate the role of solvents in the most diverse processes, thus laying the foundations for innovative green and smart solutions. RESOLV’s logo is a blue stylised water ripple.


Million eur funding

The German Federal Government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia support RESOLV with 41.7 Mio. EUR (47 Mio. USD) for the period 2019-2025. RESOLV researchers collect further funding for solvation related research, for example from the DFG, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the European Research Council (ERC).



RESOLV currently enlists over 200 scientists (professors, independent researchers, postdocs and PhDs) from about 50 research groups in 7 institutions. Our scientists cooperate with more than 30 leading international scientists from over 20 partner institutes worldwide. 


New professorships

Since its inception in 2012, RESOLV appointed 9 new professorships towards the 4 planned. 5 of these professorships went to female scientists, more than 50% of the total.



RESOLV scientists have so far published more than 1400 articles on referred journals. More than 300 of them appeared in Nature, Science, JACS, Angewandte, PNAS, PRL. More than 270 involve at least 2 RESOLV groups. More than 50 are cover papers.


Honors and awards

RESOLV scientists so far collected more than 100 prizes, among them the prestigious ERC grants, Max Planck fellowships, the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award and the Humbold Research Prize.


Talks at international conferences

RESOLV scientists so far responded to more than 450 invitations to give a presentation (keynote or plenary) at international conferences.

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