Programm GSS Summer School 2017

6TH - 9TH OF JUNE 2017

Between June 6 and June 9 the GSS Summer School 2017 takes place. The first two lecture days focus on the description of solvation with molecular simulations and surface sensitive nonlinear spectroscopy. Please see below for a list of confirmed speakers.

The third day will open up career options for PhD students including networking discussions with representatives from industry. 

On Friday, 9th of June the advanced module hands-on courses take place.

NameAffiliationTalk Title
David M. CeperleyUniversity of Illinois, USA

Understanding solvation in helium droplets with Path Integral Monte Carlo

John C. ConboyUniversity of Utah, USA

Sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy for the study of lipid bilayer structure, compositional asymmetry and dynamics

Paul S. CremerPennsylvania State University, USAProbing Ion Binding and Water Structure at the Membrane Interface
Hai-Lung DaiTemple University, USANonlinear Light Scattering from the surface of Colloidal Objects - from nanoparticles to biological cells
Bettina KellerFU Berlin, GermanyAnalyzing Molecular Dynamics Simulations - Markov State Models and the Variational Approach to Molecular Dynamics
Ondrej MarsalekStanford University, USAProperties of condensed-phase molecular systems from first principles
Evert Jan MeijerUniversity of Amsterdam, The NetherlandsPrinciples of Monte Carlo Sampling
Yuki NagataMax Planck Institute for Polymer Research, GermanyMolecular Dynamics Simulation for Sum-Frequency Generation Spectra
Poul B. PetersenCornell University, USAIntroduction to surface nonlinear spectroscopy and applications to study water at interfaces and in biological settings
Sylvie RokeEPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Nonlinear light scattering: molecular structure and electrostatic potentials on the nanoscale

Mariana RossiFritz Haber Institute, GermanyAb initio (quantum) molecular dynamics for H-bonded systems: Simulating (bio)molecules, condensed matter, and hybrid systems
David van der SpoelUppsala University, SwedenComputational Physical Chemistry of Liquids

Advanced Modules

Summer School Poster