Advanced Modules 2019

The advanced laboratory hands-on modules give the students an opportunity to learn new and interesting experimental and theoretical techniques established in RESOLV within a research topic of their own choice.

A list of the Advanced Modules offered at our Summer School in 2019 can be found below.

No. of ModuleTitle and Abstract of Advanced ModuleDepartment offering Modul
1Measuring conformational dynamics and water accessibility of a spin-labeled protein by EPREnrica Bordignon, EPR Spectroscopy, RUB
2Exploring solvation and protonation in the solid state using synchroton and electron diffractionGuido Clever, Supramolecular Chemistry, TU Dortmund
3Handling and analyzing reactive compounds under inert atmosphere (or LABFUN)Viktoria Däschlein-Gessner, Inorganic Chemistry, RUB
4Parallel reaction screening and automated analysis of solvent effects on homogeneously catalyzed reactionsLukas Gooßen, Organic Chemistry, RUB
5Metalloproteins: Kinetic and spectroscopic characterization of [FeFe]-hydrogenases by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy & electrochemical methodsThomas Happe, Photobiotechnology, RUB
6Solvation Effects on Electronic Excited States and SpectroscopyChristof Hättig, Quantum Chemistry, RUB
7Modeling Solvation Effects on Protonation EquilibriaStefan Kast, Computational Chemistry, TU Dortmund
8Water and Aqueous Solutions According to Molecular Dynamics SolutionsDominik Marx, Theoretical Chemistry, RUB
9Determining absolute configurations with vibrational CD spectroscopyChristian Merten, Chirality and Vibrational optical activity, RUB
10Scanning Probe Techniques: STM and AFMKarina Morgenstern, Physical Chemistry I, RUB
11Electroanalytical Methods for Monitoring Solvent Induced Changes in Diffusion and Reaction Kinetics - The Case Study of Hydrogenases in Redox HydrogelsNicolas Plumeré, Molecular Nanostructures, RUB
12Enzymatic peptide hydrolysis: Measuring kinetics, reaction equilibrium and enzyme activityGabriele Sadowski, Thermodynamics, TU Dortmund
13High Power Ultrafast Thin Disk Laser for Driving Strong-field Terahertz Light SourceClara Saraceno, Photonics and Ultrafast Laser Science, RUB
14Matrix Isolation and EPR Spectroscopy of Solvent ComplexesWolfram Sander, Organic Chemistry, RUB
15Analysis of Materials for Energy-Conversion Devices by MEans of Scnanning Photoelectrochemical MicroscopyWolfgang Schuhmann, Analytical Chemistry, RUB
16An introduction into Super-Resolution Structured Illumination Microscopy (SR-SIM)Jörg Tatzelt and Konstanze Winklhofer, Institute for Biochemistry and Pathochemistry, RUB
17X-ray ReflectometryMetin Tolan, Experimental Physics, TU Dortmund
18High-Pressure Spectroscopic & Microscopic TechniquesRoland Winter, Physical Chemistry, TU Dortmund