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From solution to flow: Organic super-multielectrondonors as electrolytes in redox flow batteries

About the topic:

In our previous research, we demonstrated that organic hybrid molecules, formed by combining a bipyridinium salt with two carbenes, exhibit multiple reversible redox processes at remarkably low redox potentials. This distinct property renders them highly promising candidates for the use as novel anolyt materials in redox flow batteries. In this project, we aim to further enhance the design of these redox systems by seeking improved solubility and reduced molecular weight per stored electron. Additionally the solvent will be optimized to increase the performance.  These advancements hold the potential to significantly optimize the performance and efficiency of redox flow batteries, thereby contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy storage technologies.

What they are looking for in students:

We invite applications from students who possess prior experience in organic synthesis, along with a fundamental understanding of handling air-sensitive compounds using Schlenk techniques. Given that this project integrates organic synthesis with electrochemical characterization, a strong motivation to acquire knowledge in both domains is highly valued.

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HOW To Apply

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For your application you will need:

  • CV with contact details and affiliation (max. 2 pages)
  • letter of motivation related to Solvation Science (1 page)
  • your research proposal (1 page)
  • your diploma (Bachelor or Master)

Prerequisites: Current Master and PhD students with expiriences in Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences or related topics of Engineering

Start: 09th October 2023

Deadline: 01st June 2024



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