Advanced Modules 2023

The advanced laboratory hands-on modules give the students an opportunity to learn new and interesting experimental and theoretical techniques established in RESOLV within a research topic of their own choice.

Due to the limited number of participants, participation in a particular module cannot be guaranteed.  Please choose your top three preferences in the registration form and we will do our best to find the ideal solution for everyone.

A list of the Advanced Modules offered at our Summer School in 2023 can be found below. Click on the individual titles to get short descriptions of each module, on the right side you can get more information on the group offering the particular module.

No. of Module Title and Abstract of Advanced Module Department offering Modul
1 Ultrafast dynamics at heterogeneous interfaces: Two-photon photoelectron spectroscopy Uwe Bovensiepen, UDE
2 TBA Kramer Campen, UDE
3 Parallel reaction screening and automated analysis of solvent effects on homogeneously catalyzed reactions Lukas J. Goooßen, RUB
4 Synthetic cofactor integration into metalloproteins Thomas Happe, RUB
5 Studying Solvation Effects on Electronic Excited States and Spectra with Computational Chemistry Christof Hättig, RUB
6 THz-FTIR Spectroscopy Martina Havenith, RUB
7 Microcalorimetry applied to the characterization of protein stability, interaction and solvation Christian Herrmann, RUB
8 EPR spectroscopy on metal ions and spin labels: Probing spectral features and local solvation effects Müge Kasanmascheff, TUDo
9 Modeling solvation effects on protonation equilibria Stefan Kast, TUDo
10 Introduction to advanced optical microscopy methods on wide-field fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, fluorescence lifetime microscopy, FRET Sebastian Kruss, RUB
11 Mapping ligand binding and solvent-dependent structural features in a protein via biomolecular NMR Rasmus Linser, TUDo
12 Solvation Shell Spectroscopy Poul Petersen, RUB
13 A Practical Introduction to AFM-IR Nanospectroscopy Martin Rabe, MPIE
14 Exploiting physics-driven molecular evolution in solvation sciences H.Jelger Risselada, TUDo
15 Exploring Protein Stability by nanoDSF@Prometheus NT.48 Gabriele Sadowski, TUDo
16 CL-FEP: End-state free energy calculations from simulations in explicit solvent Elsa Sánchez García, TUDo
17 Interferometric measurement of the cumulative density depletion in laser-driven plasma filaments Clara Saraceno, RUB
18 Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Ana Vila Verde, UDE

19 Solvent-effects on photoreactions Mario Wiesenfeldt, RUB