International Faculty

The International Faculty (IF) Solvation Science is an international network of top institutions reaching from the US to Europe and Asia, whose aim is to foster long-term scientific collaborations. It is a strategic key element to promote the exchange of knowledge, people, and ideas between leading scientists at all levels of their scientific careers in the field of Solvation Science.

Currently, the IF comprises more than 20 leading institutions in the field of Solvation Science.

Becoming an IF fellow

Selected scientists get the opportunity to become an IF fellow to stimulate long-term scientific exchange, on-site visits and collaboration. The IF fellows are also involved in teaching activities at RUB such as the international Master program "Molecular Sciences - Spectroscopy and Simulation" (iMOS).

For example, Prof. Dr. James Lisy was a teacher for the iMOS students in the winter term 2011/12. Jim Lisy: "As a professor from the United States, I have been extremely fortunate to be a visiting professor at a number of universities on four continents. Yet, these occasions rarely offered the chance to give lectures to an international collection of Master Degree students. I was very excited about the iMOS program and strongly believe in the international component of education, as leading edge science has become an interactive, global enterprise. The iMOS students have an amazing opportunity, at such an early stage in their scientific careers, to participate in this unique world-wide program, developed at RUB."

List of IF fellows:

Prof. Dr. Dor Ben-Amotz

Purdue University

Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Martin Gruebele

(Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Ursula Keller

Director NCCR MUST
ETH Zürich
Institute of Quantum Electronics

Prof. Dr. David Leitner

University of Nevada at Remo, USA
Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. James M. Lisy

(Humboldt Research Award)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Leo W. Meerts

Radboud University Nijmegen
Molecular- and Biophysics Group

Prof. Dr. Irit Sagi

Weizmann Institute of Science

Department of Biological Regulation

Prof. Dr. Song-I Han

University of California Santa Barbara
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Othmar Steinhauser

University of Vienna
Department of Computational Biological Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Mark Tuckerman

(Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award)
New York University
Theoretical Chemistry