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Intercultural communication in the scientific world

In a newly organized workshop, our ECRs discussed intercultural communication. International participants review how to better perceive cultural diversity within the international scientific community, how to deal and how to benefit from it yourself.

On November 11, a workshop on cultural communication in the scientific world and the workplace was held at ZEMOS.

There is no question that cultural diversity is an irreplaceable resource and not an element of separation.
Promoting intercultural understanding is also essential for the further development of science and business. Therefore, intercultural skills and competencies should be promoted and enhanced through education and intercultural awareness.

The scientific community in the world is so diverse and complex that it can be difficult to build comfortable human relationships within this community.
For this reason, the workshop featured a panel discussion with four of our international early career researchers on how to better perceive, deal with, and benefit from cultural diversity in the international scientific community itself.