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Empowering Your Presence For Convincing With Confidence And Cogency – Presenting Yourself And Your Research

October 12th - 14th

Two-day Workshop (Face-to-Face-Event) for female PhDs and PostDocs

Trainer: Betty Boden 

This workshop will explore the question of how you can position yourself as a female scientist in such a way that you successfully make yourself heard and thus successfully present yourself and your research. Be that in the context of presentation of your research, project proposals, at conferences and fairs, at networking events, before panels, in scientific discussions, in lab meetings, in group discussions, in interviews…

During the workshop, in order to safeguard a more long-lasting efficacy of the insights gained, we will also look at the concept of ‘Success Teams’ – a practical peer-coaching process using individually-articulated questions and issues to support progress towards specific goals. 

The workshop consists of two days as plenary group, and then the option of individual coaching sessions. These sessions are one-on-one ranging from one 60-minute session, if requested. The aim of the personal coaching is to support you in addressing your individual issues.

Workshop: October 12th-14th (only female participants)