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Make an impact! Confident scientific presentation: Body, voice, arguments

Workshop 1: March 22/23, 2022 (only female participants)

Workshop 2: April 5/6, 2022

Two-day Workshop (Face-to-Face-Event) for PhDs and PostDocs

Trainer:  Dr. Jane Bormeister 

Science needs presenters who present their scientific topics in a self-confident manner. But how do you orally bring your content across to your audition in a convincing manner? How do you speak with power?  How do you stand on stage? How do you move, how do you structure your thoughts and how do you have fun when speaking in front of an audience? 

In addition to content-related competence and subject-matter knowledge, the way of speaking is of particular importance:  contents are conveyed through people, their voice, their body, their emotions. 

Only what comes across will really reach your listeners!

And in challenging situations how you can bring your arguments across and use your voice, your body to achieve just in this a self-confident manner, this will be trained in the workshop!
Speaking is fun! You are going to like this!

Workshop 1: March 22/23, 2022 (only female participants) 
Workshop 2: April 5/6, 2022