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Jan Schnatwinkel presenting his research results in the new RESOLV online seminar series ©Jan Schnatwinkel, RUB

Weekly RESOLV online seminars

Every Monday in 2020.


On 29th June 2020 RESOLV held the first online seminar for young scientists. The event kicked off a series of weekly seminars in which RESOLV PhDs and Postdocs will present their research topics with the aim of keeping their fellows updated about the solvation news in the Cluster.

The seminars will take place each Monday from 15:00 to 15: 30 h on the Zoom platform and will be announced to the RESOLV community via Moodle (with title and small abstract). All RESOLV ECRs are expected to participate; attendance of RESOLV PhDs and postdocs is mandatory. Within the same framework, RESOLV plans to host talks by international experts from the solvation science community as well.

Leading actor: the solvent

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