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RESOLV scientists get on stage at TEDx RUB

Sold-out conference at the Blue Square in Bochum

Clara Saraceno and Simon Ebbinghaus, both RESOLV investigators, presented their research at the TEDx Ruhr University Bochum of the 21st of April. TED (short for Technology, Entertainment, Design) organizes and broadcasts conferences around the word to spread gripping ideas and stories about the most different topics. TEDx are local, independent events that follow the same philosophy of the main ones. 
TEDx RUB event ‘Building a better world’ took place at the Blue Square in Bochum and was sold out just hours after launching. Clara Saraceno, physicist at RUB, gave a talk about using ultrafast lasers for solvation experiments and of course the possibility to make the famous lightsabers of Star Wars. “It was fun to participate, there was great enthusiasm and I really like the TED format”, says Saraceno. TED talks are ideally short, around 15 minutes, and target the broad public.
Simon Ebbinghaus, chemist at RUB, explained to the public how proteins fold and how to observe the process directly in the densely packed inside of a living cell. 

What Can We Learn by Observing Proteins in the Cell? | Simon Ebbinghaus | TEDxRuhrUniversityBochum

How New Kinds of Lasers Shape Our Future | Clara Saraceno | TEDxRuhrUniversityBochum

Leading actor: the solvent

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