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Martha Godau and Florian Steinkamp received awards for their Facharbeiten. © RUB, Marquard
After the award ceremony (from left): Martha Godau, Prof. Dr. Katrin Sommer (Chair of Didactics of Chemistry, RUB), Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith-Newen (Speaker RESOLV, Chair of Physical Chemistry II, RUB), Prof. Dr. Lukas Gooßen (Subject Expert, Chair of Organic Chemistry I, RUB), Dr. Klaus Engel, Dr. Christian Strippel (Academic Councillor at the Alfried Krupp Student Laboratory, RUB), Florian Steinkamp, Prof. Dr. Ulf Eysel (Representative of the Gesellschaft der Freunde der RUB, Faculty of Medicine, RUB) and Tobias Schilling. © RUB, Marquard

Eleventh-graders conduct research on disinfectants

RESOLV awards prizes to Martha Godau and Florian Steinkamp for their Facharbeiten in the basic chemistry course.

On July 2, 2021, Martha Godau and Florian Steinkamp were awarded for their subject papers in the project "Solvation Science@School". The school project was initiated by the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV and took place under the motto "Solvation Science in Disinfection". Godau and Steinkamp wrote their papers in the eleventh grade basic chemistry course at the Schiller School in Bochum.

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Leading actor: the solvent

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