Topic 1

Optimization of glycerol-water mixtures for antifreeze function using spectroscopic screening

About the topic:

Spectroscopic screening will be used to probe local hydration and changes in mixing enthalpy of glycerol-water mixtures. This establishes a link between macroscopic/thermodynamic and microscopic/structural changes as a function of mixing ratio, which offers opportunities to rationally design glycerol-water mixtures to optimize cryoprotective applications.

What they are looking for in students:

Through this solvation student challenge program, we expect motivated experimental researchers interested in physical chemistry, solvation research and spectroscopy. We are ready for new collaborations and always happy to invite new people in our friendly team.

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HOW To Apply

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For your application you will need:

  • CV with contact details and affiliation (max. 2 pages)
  • letter of motivation related to Solvation Science (1 page)
  • your research proposal (1 page)

Prerequisites: Current Master and PhD students with expiriences in Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences or related topics of Engineering

Start: 17th October 2022

Deadline: 03rd April 2023




Win A research Stay

Subject: conduct your research proposal
Duration: 3 months
Location: Bochum, Germany and local Ruhr RESOLV partner institutions
Language of instruction: English
Costs: RESOLV sponsors travel and a monthly stipend
Period research stay: choose a time between June 2023 – August 2024