Graduate School

Training Schedule

Training Schedule


We offer a three-year structured graduate programme that combines cutting-edge research with a structured curriculum of lectures, colloquia, and workshops, centered on all areas of solvation science. 


In the first year the students are expected to:

  • attend an introductory lecture to Solvation Science
  • defend their graduate project at our annual Autumn Workshop
  • participate in the interdisciplinary lecture series held by international experts in the field of Solvation Science


In the second year the students are expected to:

  • choose an individual lecture based on their graduate project
  • participate in the annual Solvation Science Summer School and Workshop
  • take part in an international internship of up to 3 months at an institute of your choice


In the third year the students are expected to:

  • give an oral presentation at one of our Research Area Workshops
  • contribute to our Public Outreach activities e.g. by writing a comprehensible summary of their thesis, contribute to a science slam etc. 
  • complete a training course in generic skills, organised by RESOLV's ECR Board or by the RUB Research School, see RURS for more details.