integrated Graduate School Solvation Science

The integrated Graduate School Solvation Science (iGSS, Dean: Prof. Dr. Guido Clever) builds upon the success of the Graduate School Solvation Science, which was born out of the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV at the beginning of 2013. The iGSS is an education and training program for graduate students within RESOLV that supports the early research careers of solvation scientists. Doctoral degrees are granted by the appropriate faculty, which include the departments of chemistry and biochemistry, chemistry and chemical biology, physics, and engineering at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, TU Dortmund University, and Universität Duisburg-Essen.

Both, students with an A-Grade Master's degree (iGSS Track I) or with a top-class Bachelor's degree (iGSS Track II) have the chance to work in an inspiring and most exciting research environment. The iGSS aims at combining high-profile research and early independence along with internationalization and gender mainstreaming. Additionally, the graduate program offers interdisciplinary training elements such as a three-month internship at one of our partner institutions of the International Faculty (IF), the annual iGSS workshops, Summer Schools, lectures and colloquia; see the Training Schedule section for more details.

You may find the official application details and process on the Jobs & Training page or contact our iGSS office.


Dr. Sedakat Altinpinar

Dr. Sedakat Altinpinar

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