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May 2017

… has always been part of that mission. As our adventure in the solvation world progressed, so did our outreach activities: A website, conferences's participation and organisation (i.e. Bunsentagung 2015), editorials in high ranking journals...

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Sep 2020

…emistry. “Solvation Science is addressing some of the UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable society. We want the scientists of tomorrow to help us to reach those goals”, Havenith said. RESOLV already targeted the young generations...

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… report about RESOLV events and students internships, deliver career tips, interview scientists and else. Events RESOLV organizes or participates to scores of events, from conferences to outreach initiatives. Each event has different aims and target groups. For example, our itinerant exhibition  "Völlig lösgelöst" explains Solvation Science and the research process to non-experts and students. With comics and hand-on experiments we gave comprehensible answers to questions like “why are solvents important?” and “what role does solvation science play in our daily life?” In the RESOLV Events…

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