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Sep 2018

…The International Society of Electrochemistry honored Tschulik with the Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize

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Oct 2016

…Prof. Kristina Tschulik receives the Joachim Walther Schultze-Prize for young electrochemists, endowed with 2.000 Euro for her research on single nanoparticles.

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Sep 2020

… catalysts. Nanoparticles based on transition metals are considered possible candidates, but, to achieve an optimal design, the hidden link between catalytic activity and the various particle properties needs to be deciphered. This is the focus of...

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Jun 2018

…Kristina Tschulik awarded for her research on electrochemical processes on nanoparticles

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…Kristina Tschulik awarded for her research on electrochemical processes on nanoparticles

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Jul 2018

… how they react and degrade in ecological and biological systems. One problem: Until now, it was only ever possible to investigate many particles at the same time, yet their properties can vary significantly on an individual basis. With a...

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Feb 2019

… an opportunity to discuss the importance of transferring new research into useful technology. RESOLV took stage last week in Düsseldorf at the Annual Reception of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State...

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May 2019

… the same time, the team was able to precisely analyse how much of the metal was deposited. The researchers then showed that the electrode coated in this manner could efficiently catalyse the oxygen reduction, which is the limiting chemical process...

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Jun 2019

… conductive additives, which distort the results. With the aid of electrochemical analyses of individual particles, researchers have now succeeded in determining the activity and substance conversion of nanocatalysts made from cobalt iron oxide -...

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Mar 2019

… promoting new start-up ideas in chemistry and presented the concept for 'Start4Chem' at the Ruhr Conference. The Bochum-based 'Start4Chem' start-up centre will be docked to RESOLV and is part of the Start-up Centre NRW, which is funded by the state...

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