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… Programm GSS Summer School 2017 6TH - 9TH OF JUNE 2017 Between June 6 and June 9 the GSS Summer School 2017 takes place. The first two lecture days focus on the description of solvation with molecular simulations and surface sensitive nonlinear spectroscopy. Please see below for a list of confirmed speakers. The third day will open up career options for PhD students including networking discussions with representatives from industry.  On Friday, 9th of June the advanced module hands-on courses take place. NameAffiliationTalk Title David M. Ceperley University of Illinois, USA Understanding…

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Nov 2014

… reactions in living organisms. The main focus of enzymology lies on enzymes themselves, whereas the role of water motions in mediating the biological reaction is often left aside owing to the complex molecular behavior. The groups of Martina...

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Feb 2020

… was linked. By detecting the spin of the metal contrast agent with electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (EPR, in short), they could draw conclusions on the state of the protein. The team led by Professor Enrica Bordignon and Dr. Laura...

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Oct 2019

…The RESOLV cluster of excellence has successfully completed its first funding period and intends to aim even higher in the future. Next stop: space. (Deutsche Version unten) The balance sheet for the first seven years in the Ruhr Explores Solvation...

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… theoretical techniques by spending these days in two different labs at the RUB and RESOLV's other participating institutes. A list of the Advanced Modules on offer can be found here . 28TH AND 29TH OF MAY Lecture Program in RUB Conference Center Different topics and methods to explore Solvation Science will be introduced by speakers within RESOLV. Bases on these introductions international speakers, suggested by the students themselves, are invited to give keynote talks on their research in the field of Solvation Science. Please find a list of speakers below.  …

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… Summer School Program 17TH - 20TH OF MAY 2016 Between May 17 and May 20 the GSS Summer School 2016 took place. The first two lecture days focused on the role of the solvent in activity and selectivity of nanostructured electrocatalysts. The third lecture day covered theoretical aspects of solvation thermodynamics and experimental techniques for studying solvent effects on optical activity. Please see below for a list of confirmed speakers. On Friday, 20th of May the advanced module hands-on courses will take place. Download the Program Download the Program Flyer Download the…

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Mar 2018

…nefit industry. A new junior research group at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is developing improved methods for predicting the properties and reactivity of certain chemical systems. It is based at the Chair of Theoretical Chemistry; Head is Dr Michael...

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… international scientists from over 20 partner institutes worldwide.  200+ Million eur funding The German Federal Government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia support RESOLV with 41.7 Mio. EUR (47 Mio. USD) for the period 2019-2025. RESOLV researchers collect further funding for solvation related research, for example from the DFG, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the European Research Council (ERC). 42

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Jul 2019

…Angew.Chem.: Unlike metallic magnets, magnets consisting of organic molecules could be lightweight, transparent, flexible or liquid. Normally, however, they are unstable. A team from the Ruhr Explores Solvation Cluster of Excellence at...

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Jan 2017

… within the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr): RUB and the Technical University (TU) of Dortmund will jointly apply as cluster hosts, with significant involvement from the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE).  read more UA Ruhr, University...

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