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Jan 2013

… Beim Neujahrsempfang am 9. Januar eröffnete der Exzellenzcluster RESOLV (Ruhr Explores Solvation) seine Graduiertenschule Solvation Science (GSS). Ein innovatives Promotionsprogramm verspricht den Mitgliedern, viel Erfahrung im Ausland zu sammeln, sich gut mit Kooperationspartnern zu vernetzen, die Inhalte mitzubestimmen und Fähigkeiten außerhalb der Wissenschaft zu erwerben.  read more

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May 2017

…We can offer you a brand new access point to RESOLV and solvation research.

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Official starting signal for the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV - International Opening Symposium at the RUB

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Mar 2017

… RESOLV and CALSOLV co-organised Solvation Science sessions at the American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting 2017, which took place in New Orleans from the 13th to the 17th of March. Martina Havenith, speaker of RESOLV, and Teresa Head-Gordon,...

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…Angew. Chem.: Numerous chemical and industrial processes take place in solution. But the exact interactions between solvent and solute are not yet understood. water, solvation, STM, microscopy, simulation, molecules, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity

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Oct 2018

…The 9th Young Chemists’ Symposium Ruhr took place at ZEMOS Center for Solvation Science in Bochum.

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Dec 2017

… scanning tunneling microscopy to visualize the processes at a scale smaller than one nanometre. This allowed them to investigate the phenomena of hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity at the molecular level, i.e. why certain parts of organic molecules...

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Sep 2020

… to precious metal-based catalysts. Nanoparticles based on transition metals are considered possible candidates, but, to achieve an optimal design, the hidden link between catalytic activity and the various particle properties needs to be...

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… New Faculty since 2012. In five years, RESOLV has succeeded to appoint 9 new professorships, most of them to female researchers.  Learn more about the new faculty ZEMOS - Home of Solvation Science.  Officially opened in 2016, ZEMOS is the first research building for Solvation Science in the world. It offers the most advanced facilities in spectroscopy, simulation and solvation to more than 100 scientists. Learn more about the new research building

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May 2014

…Die neugegründete Graduiertenschule „Solvation Science“, die aus dem Excellenzcluster RESOLV (Ruhr Explores SOLVation) hervorgegangen ist, veranstaltet im Juni ihre erste Summer School im RUB Veranstaltungszentrum. Anmeldungen sind ab sofort möglich.

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