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Oct 2019

… to precious metal catalysts for obtaining hydrogen from water by means of electrolysis. "In order to develop effective nanoparticles, we need to understand how the structure and activity of individual particles or small particle groups are related...

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May 2013

…r determining this consumption has now been significantly improved by chemists in Bochum. The problem up to now was that the measuring electrode altered the oxygen consumption in the cell’s environment much more than the cell itself. “We already found that out twelve years ago,” says Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuhmann from the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the Ruhr-Universität. “Now we have finally managed to make the measuring electrode an spectator.“ Together with his team, he reports in the “International Edition” of the journal “Angewandte Chemie”. read more

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Jul 2016

… for hydrogen production. As described in the journal “Nature Communications”, it works just as efficient as the platinum electrodes commonly used today. In contrast to platinum, pentlandite is affordable and found frequently on Earth. A team headed...

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Jun 2017

… the high physical stress induced on catalyst films by gas evolving reactions hampers the application of powder based catalysts. The developed technique is potentially interesting for hydrogen production by water electrolysis. A team involving Dr...

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Mar 2018

… and the from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories in Washington, USA, was able to equip such a catalyst with a self-defense mechanism against molecular oxygen. Their results were published in Nature Communications, 28th February 2018.  READ...

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May 2019

… University of Munich describe a new method to observe single nanoparticles before, during and after an electrochemical reaction in the journal "Angewandte Chemie" from 16 April 2019. "For this purpose, we have created the particle at the stick,"...

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Mar 2016

…Nature Comm.: The group of RESOLV PI Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuhmann together with researchers from the Technical University of Munich and Universiteit Leiden have found a way to double the efficiency of water electrolysis.

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Jun 2015

…Angew. Chem.: Researchers from Bochum, Mülheim and France found a way to protect sensitive catalysts from oxygen-caused damage. RESOLV members T. Happe, W. Lubitz, W. Schuhmann and N. Plumeré publish in JACS and Angewandte Chemie.

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Feb 2020

… potential of a possible alloy. The team reports in the journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition on 22 December 2019. Additional information Detailed Press Release Original Publication: Tobias Löffler, Alan Savan, Hajo Meyer, Michael...

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Apr 2019

… kind of biodevices is still limited. Researchers at RUB showed that a careful operation of the photosystem-based bioelectrode under the exclusion of oxygen is the key for achieving high stability. The team involving Dr. Fangyuan Zhao, Dr. Adrian...

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