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“Good vibrations” help in research into new bioactive metal complexes

...RUB-Forscher verfolgen Metallkomplexe auf dem Weg in lebende Zellen RUB researchers study their intracellular distribution in living cancer cells “VIP” publication in the professional journal “Angewandte Chemie”

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... and Prof. Robert Kourist from the junior research group "Mikrobielle Biotechnologie" at RUB publish in Angewandte Chemie. -Angew. Chem. Publication, Kourist, Nowaczyk, photosynthesis, bacteria, enzyme, energy

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Jul 2017

#Asktheauthor: How carbon atoms cross energy barriers (and tigers don't)

...3 Questions to RESOLV scientist Wolfram Sander about his recent Angewandte Chemie publication on heavy atom tunneling.

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Jul 2017

#Asktheauthor: How proteins regulate cell death

...3 Questions to RESOLV scientist Stephanie Bleicken about her recent Nature Communications publication on programmed cell death.

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Jun 2017

#Asktheauthor: How proteins help fight pathogens

...3 Questions to RESOLV scientist Christian Herrmann about his recent PNAS publication on hGBP1 mechanism.

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May 2017

RESOLV chemists map water behaviour around alcohol molecules

... or enzymes, and to investigate the interplay between these biomolecules and water, a knowledge that could be used for drug design.  “This publication is the first realization of the ideas we have presented in the ERC Advanced Grant. We have...

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Partner Institute CALSOLV

... catalysis, and ab initio calculations of solvated structures and chemical reactions. The RuhrCal collaboration has started to produce multiple joint publications. California explores Solvation - CalSOLV “Collaboration between scientists from Berkeley and the RESOLV cluster would greatly expedite...

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Highlight Publications

... Highlight Publications

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Facts & Figures

... more than 85 prizes, among them the prestigious ERC grants, Max Planck fellowships, the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award and the Humbold Research Prize. publications RESOLV scientists have so far published more than 500 articles on referred journals. Almost 100 of them appeared in Nature, Science, JACS,...

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