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Sep 2018

Nat. Energy: The semi-artificial system is constructed like a Lego box – which opens up a wide range of applications for the future. An international team of researchers with the involvement of RUB has combined molecular building blocks from plants...

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Dec 2018

… the last major gaps in our understanding of photosynthetic electron transport pathways,” says Associate Professor Dr. Marc Nowaczyk, who heads the Bochum project group “Cyanobacterial Membrane Protein Complexes”. Together with his colleagues from...

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Oct 2016

Nature Chem.:In proteins and rubber, they are indispensable: bonds between two sulphur atoms that link long molecules together. Pulling from outside on the disulphide bonds triggers unexpectedly complicated processes. From a chemical perspective,...

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… experience with new techniques. For previous year's programs, you're encouraged to explore the Summer School webpages here. The 2-3 month research project follows the iGSS summer school. Scholars will be set up within one of RESOLV's working groups in the Ruhr area and work closely with doctoral and/or…

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Dec 2017

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.: Numerous chemical and industrial processes take place in solution. But the exact interactions between solvent and solute are not yet understood. Chemists of Ruhr-Universität Bochum tracked with unprecedented spatial resolution...

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Dec 2020

High-performance computers allow us to uncover details about the transport of molecules through cell membranes. How molecules are transported into and out of cells can determine the effectiveness of drugs. Using computer simulations, Prof. Dr. Lars...

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Oct 2018

The 9th Young Chemists’ Symposium Ruhr took place at ZEMOS Center for Solvation Science in Bochum. On 10 October 2018, the Young Chemistry Network Ruhr organized its 9th annual meeting at ZEMOS, RUB, in cooperation with the cluster of excellence...

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May 2017

Chemistry in solution takes place everywhere, for instance in our bodies. Research in the Ruhr is pulling out all the stops to understand all the details of this. Whether in living beings or in industrial processes, almost all chemical reactions take...

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Storing power from renewable energy sources is a challenge. Nicolas Plumeré wants to meet that challenge with funding from the European Research Council. For his research Dr Nicolas Plumeré has received 1.5 million Euro for five years from the European Research Council (ERC). The head of the RUB Molecular Nanostructures Research Group has received one of the prestigious ERC Starting Grants. Plumeré wants to use the funds to move closer to applications for highly active, but fragile catalysts for energy conversion. Instead of platinum It is a challenge to transform energy from renewable

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Jul 2020

… Molecular Nanostructures research group will be awarded a Proof of Concept Grant by the European Research Council (ERC) amounting to 150,000 euros. The project “Establishing continuous biomarker monitoring for big data in fitness and healthcare”,...

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