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Apr 2019

… she brought her children to the local Kindergarten, the chemist started reporting about meetings with fellow scientists (also from RESOLV), research project discussions, laboratory experiments and even birthday celebrations. The ERC Starting-Grant...

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Mar 2016

Angew. Chem.: RESOLV member Dr. Marc Nowaczyk and Prof. Robert Kourist from the junior research group "Mikrobielle Biotechnologie" at RUB publish in Angewandte Chemie. To fulfil their function as biocatalysts, enzymes require chemical energy, which...

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…RESOLV PS Prof. Thomas Happe gets 1.2 million euros for a new EU project “Sun2Chem”. With his research team he wants to create semi-artificial chloroplasts for the production of biotechnologically relevant products.

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Sep 2020

…Call open: 20 positions within the RESOMUS - EU COFUND Fellowship Programme RESOLV has launched the third call for postdoctoral researchers in the research project FP-RESOMUS. Do you want to work on a research topic that is related to the...

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COORDINATOR OF RESEARCH AREA III Please contact: Prof. Dr. R. Winter  SCIENTISTS INVOLVED Read more Restricted solvation on surfaces, chemical reactivity in nanoconfined water, pressure modulation of reactivity and phase behavior, and cryochemistry are all linked by a single concept: ‘Stressed solvent’. The notion of a stressed solvent implies the tuning of solvent properties and function without changing of the solvent itself. Therefore, in this area, we consider high pressure, low temperature, and strong confinement as key stressors that enable us to rigorously modulate

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Apr 2018

… is strongly dependent on the CO2 partial pressure. Numerous experiments were required to empirically optimize reaction conditions. In an ongoing project, we systematically investigate the influence of CO2 pressure on the solvent properties and try...

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… Katrin Keune 2 Business Modelling Roland Kriedel 3 Project Management Peter Odenwälder 4 Proposal Writing Rebekka Steinmann …

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Jun 2017

Prof. Walter Thiel received the Kolos Medal this year for his outstanding contributions to Theoretical Chemistry. The Polish Chemical Society and the University of Warsaw awarded the Kolos Medal 2017 to Professor Walter Thiel from the...

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Jul 2016

Nat. Comm.: Converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into a useful chemical would be highly desirable. However, the catalysts available to date have not been efficient enough. Researchers have discovered a catalyst that performs highly selective...

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Oct 2016

Nat. Comm.: The solvent is far more than just the environment for a chemical reaction. A recent study reveals new insights into the role of solvent molecules. Molecules from the solvent environment that at first glance seem to be uninvolved can be...

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