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Young leaders Are you a young talented scientist seeking independence? Through the Early Career Researchers (ECR), RESOLV offers his PhD students, PostDocs, Emmy Noether group leaders and Junior Professors the possibility to work independently with all rights like full professors at RUB. Besides, we provide budget for career coaching and soft skill courses. ABOUT ECR Graduate students  Did you recently attain a Master degree? Are you looking forward to continue doing a PhD in science? The integrated Graduate School Solvation Science (iGSS) for doctoral students offers you a

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Feb 2018

Chem. Eur. J.: 3 Questions to RESOLV and RUB scientist Stefan Huber about the recent cover picture publication in 'Chemistry - A European Journal' - an interdisciplinary RESOLV cooperation with Elsa Sanchez-Garcia from University of Duisburg Essen. ...

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Knowledge and Tech transfer Young students are the future scientists. With the  Alfried Krupp School Laboratory, RESOLV wants to give students of age 14-16 the opportunity to perform their first inquiries and experiments. But RESOLV aims also at the teachers of those students: In 2017 we prepared a special issue on Solvation in the renewed magazine "Chemie in unserer Zeit". On the other hand we organize workshops, events and excursions to bring RESOLV in touch with the industry: For example, in 2015 RESOLV participated as exhibitor at the  ACHEMA2015, a

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Feb 2020

Nat.Comm.: Oxygen is the greatest enemy of biocatalysts for energy conversion. A protective film shields them – but only with an additional ingredient: iodide salt. Contrary to theoretical predictions, oxygen inactivates biocatalysts for energy...

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Jun 2019

Sci. Adv.: Solvated acids tend to release a proton. However, they display more complex behaviour under space conditions. Bochum-based researchers from the Cluster of Excellence Ruhr Explores Solvation (RESOLV), together with cooperation partners...

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Name Affiliation Talk Title Ball, Philip Science Writer, UK Communicating Science Cho, Minhaeng Dept. of Chemistry, Korea University, Seoul Nonlinear Electronic and Vibrational Spectroscopic Probing of Solvation Dynamics Duncan, Michael Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia, USA Cation solvation in clusters studied with selected-ion infrared

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10TH AND 11TH OF JUNE Lecture programme in RUB conference center INTERNATIONAL LECTURE SERIES In the mornings international speakers, suggested by the students themselves, gave keynote talks on their research in the field of Solvation Science. Please see below for a list of the speakers.  GSS Summer School 2014 Summer School Program INSIGHT COURSES Three Insight Courses were held in the afternoon that offered an overview of the research done and methods used in the 3 main Research Areas of RESOLV. Each student attended 2 out of 3 courses, which did not coincide

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Dec 2017

5 Takeaways from a RESOLV year In 2017, the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV strengthened its strategic collaborations at institutional and research level. It was an intense year of scientific achievements and research planning. Here we present the...

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May 2017

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.: THz Calorimetry could allow a better understanding of biomolecular processes Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith and her group at the Department of Physical Chemistry II at RUB have developed a new method to map the calorimetric...

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Sep 2019

Angew. Chem.: Green light affects this chemical compound in a different way than blue light. The molecule is of interest to computer industry as it can be easily controlled. In the field of computer engineering, magnetically switchable materials play...

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