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…Angew. Chem.: Numerous chemical and industrial processes take place in solution. But the exact interactions between solvent and solute are…

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… von Nano-Instrumenten Computer simulations enable targeted chemical design of nanotechnological devices RUB researchers publish…

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… involved Read more The understanding of chemical reactivity is of key importance for the development and…

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Feb 2018

…Chem. Eur. J.: 3 Questions to RESOLV and RUB scientist Stefan Huber about the recent cover picture publication in 'Chemistry - A European…

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… Career Day For our Career Day, we welcome guests from chemical industry, from a patent agent's office and from a scientific journal as…

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Mar 2018

…Solvation scientists discussed about the role of water at the interfaces, in biomolecules, and the innovation pathways of solvation science…

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Dec 2019

… respectively).New research directions! The aim of the new project is to investigate the role of the solvent in chemical

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Oct 2017

… am thrilled to participate in building a more equal scientific environment and to help other women in science”, said the new speaker…

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… returns to Bochum after more than 30 years. It focuses on chemical processes in solutions.

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Sep 2019

…Angew. Chem.: Green light affects this chemical compound in a different way than blue light. The molecule is of interest to computer…

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