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… INVOLVED Read more Restricted solvation on surfaces, chemical reactivity in nanoconfined water, pressure modulation of…

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Apr 2018

…Chem. Eur. J.: 3 Questions to RESOLV Scientist Lukas Gooßen about his recent publication in 'Chemistry - A European Journal' on introducing…

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Jun 2017

… contributions to Theoretical Chemistry. The Polish Chemical Society and the University of Warsaw awarded the Kolos Medal…

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Jul 2018

… Dr Clara Saraceno from the Electrical and Information Engineering Faculty at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) aims to find…

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Jul 2016

…at. Comm.: Converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into a useful chemical would be highly desirable. However, the catalysts available…

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… Roland Kriedel 3 Project Management Peter Odenwälder …

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Apr 2019

…JACS: The key to a long life for bioelectrodes lies in an oxygen-free environment.

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Jun 2017

…PNAS: 3 Questions to RESOLV scientist Christian Herrmann about his recent PNAS publication on hGBP1 mechanism.

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Jun 2016

… search, and painstakingly analysed one after the other,” says project manager Prof Dr Franz Narberhaus from Ruhr-Universität…

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Apr 2017

… molecules slow down or come to a standstill in this icy cold environment. And then there is the radiation of supposedly…

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