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Jul 2018

… Wolfgang Schuhmann from the Bochum-based Centre for Electrochemical Sciences cooperated with the RUB Laboratory of Industrial…

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May 2016

… with each other dock. When the researchers added various chemically synthesised substances to the protein scaffold, the…

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Nov 2013

… the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Center for Electrochemical Sciences (CES) and Prof Dr Matthias Rögner from the…

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Feb 2020

…Angew.Chem.: Electrocatalysts can help to obtain chemicals from renewable raw materials or to use alternative energy sources. But testing…

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… which can be used by farmers directly in the field, is about to become reality: to this end, Prof Dr Nicolas Plumeré and Dr…

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… the synthesis of drugs and other substances easier, more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

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Jul 2020

… oxidation of compounds, including alcohols, into valuable chemicals. They show high catalytic activity, particularly in aqueous…

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Nov 2020

… This work is just the beginning of several joint projects focusing on the solution study of higher-order DNA…

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