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Nov 2014

… are macromolecular biological catalysists that lead most of chemical reactions in living organisms. The main focus of enzymology…

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Aug 2014

… Nature Chemistry, researchers from the Center for Electrochemical Sciences – CES at the Ruhr-University Bochum and from the…

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Dec 2016

… new ligand systems with unique bonding properties. These chemical systems have an electron-rich carbon atom at their core and…

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Aug 2018

… Department of Analytical Chemistry at the Center for Electrochemical Sciences (CES). Wolfgang Schuhmann, Alexander Botz, Denis…

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Mar 2018

… for predicting the properties and reactivity of certain chemical systems. It is based at the Chair of Theoretical Chemistry;…

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Mar 2019

… in progressing towards leadership positions in the chemical sciences. RESOLV speaker Martina Havenith is present in the…

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May 2018

… in the long term. In order to convert light energy into chemical energy in an environmentally friendly way, bioelectrodes…

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… and ab initio calculations of solvated structures and chemical reactions. The RuhrCal collaboration has started to produce …

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Oct 2019

… efficiently. The team reports in the Journal of the American Chemical Society on 16 September 2019. The researchers led by…

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… Marc Robert Paris Diderot University, FR Molecular Electrochemical Catalysis: From Basic Principles to Activation of Small…

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