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… sources into a form that can be stored, for example the chemical fuel hydrogen. Currently, doing so usually requires using…

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Dec 2018

… of the only two new chemistry clusters: The aim of the new project is to investigate chemical processes beyond normal…

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Oct 2017

… to encourage young women to pursue a career in science or engineering. It was originally created and established by NCCR MUST,…

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Aug 2018

… - which is why the biocatalysts are also of interest to the chemical industry. In a review article published in the journal…

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Sep 2018

… work applying electrochemistry for the physical and chemical characterization of nanostructures and in particular single…

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Jun 2015

… “Angewandte Chemie” and “The Journal of the American Chemical Society”. read more

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Jun 2019

… additives, which distort the results. With the aid of electrochemical analyses of individual particles, researchers have now…

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Jun 2013

… in mechanochemistry, a method that researchers apply to set chemical reactions in motion by means of mechanical forces. However,…

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… fileadmin/content/01_about-us/02_resolv_members/Happe.jpg Chemical biology, biocatalysts, hydrogenases, proton coupled electron…

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Sep 2018

… The researchers report on this in the renowned journal Chemical Science, published in advance online on 23rd August…

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