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… Faculty Partners Interested in sharing know-how, projects, labs? It all starts with talking to each other, let’s take…

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… effects on structure, spectroscopy and thermodynamics in chemical and biological systems…

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Oct 2019

… a new era in the description of the role of solvents in chemical reactions. Between 2012 and 2018, RESOLV has built up new,…

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Dec 2018

… electron transport, but little has been known about it so far.

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Oct 2016

… bonds triggers unexpectedly complicated processes. From a chemical perspective, splitting disulphide bonds under tensile stress…

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Dec 2017

…Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.: Numerous chemical and industrial processes take place in solution. But the exact interactions between solvent and…

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Dec 2020

…High-performance computers allow us to uncover details about the transport of molecules through cell membranes.

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Oct 2018

… presented scientific results from every discipline of chemical research through lectures and posters, while young group…

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May 2017

… in living beings or in industrial processes, almost all chemical reactions take place in solution. Those who understand…

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Jul 2020

… Research Council (ERC) amounting to 150,000 euros. The project “Establishing continuous biomarker monitoring for big data in…

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