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Sep 2020

…Call open: 20 positions within the RESOMUS - EU COFUND Fellowship Programme RESOLV has launched the third call for postdoctoral researchers in the research project FP-RESOMUS. Do you want to work on a research topic that is related to the...

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Aug 2018

… the spotlight Two RESOLV young researchers won poster prizes at international conferences that took place in the U.S. in July. Dr. Devendra Mani won the prize with the poster 'Dissociation of HCl at 0.37 K: Sequence Matters' at the Gordon...

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… fileadmin/Bilder/Ansprechpartner/Rosario_Oliva.jpg Dr. Rosario Oliva ECR POSTDOC REPRESENTATIVE Physical ChemistryRoom CP-01-159Technische Universität DortmundD-44227 DortmundTel.: +49 231 755 3916Email: rosario.oliva2@unina.it READ MORE >

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… fileadmin/Bilder/Ansprechpartner/laura_Galazzo.jpg Dr. Laura Galazzo ECR POSTDOC REPRESENTATIVE EPR SpectroscopyRoom NBCF 03/497Ruhr-Universität BochumD-44780 BochumTel: +49 234 32 25523Email: laura.galazzo@rub.de READ MORE >

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… Ruhr expl solvation Inspiring the scientists of tomorrow in a new interdisciplinary field of research 2 2d6cc90a9d52fca080d06c71736711416ba6afb7 0 ARE YOU A POSTDOC? WE ARE HIRING! Call open: 20 positions within the RESOMUS - EU COFUND Fellowship Programme file:2567 fileadmin/Bilder/Marquard/Laser_KM-29_Copyright.jpg 586dea101b9a97f63712af89edd654fed9b3f6af 0 RESOLV presents business incubator NEWS HIGHLIGHT: RESOLV's Speaker Martina Havenith presented Start4Chem to German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit in North Rhine-Westphalia .…

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… - October 2021 (third call open for applications from October 15 - December 15, 2020) and the other two in 2022 (fourth call open for applications in September 2021). They will be funded by DAAD for up to 4 years. For more information please read  here  . JOB AND TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHERS The FP-RESOMUS (REsolving SOlvation with Molecular Ultrafast Science) postdoctoral fellowship program is a joint effort of the the German Cluster of Excellence RESOLV and the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology (…

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Feb 2019

… for research and industry to realize a common vision on technology transfer and the energy transition", says Tschulik. Besides Tschulik, the RUB was present at the meeting with RUB Rector, Professor Axel Schölmerich and Chancellor Dr. Christina...

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… At the same time it provides me with the flexibility to study a large variety of chemically distinct and complex problems, from the reactions of small molecules to enzymatic catalysis and from polymerization kinetics to the properties of materials." Statements from Science Alexander Witt (postdoc at Stanford University): "Despite sharing many fundamental principles, traditionally Chemistry and Physics classes are normally taught separately. The iMOS program is unique in the way that it brings together students from different fields to learn, and fosters connections between different…

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Apr 2019

…RESOLV joined forces with the Swiss network NCCR-MUST to secure around 3.5 million euros funding. A new fellowship programme for postdoctoral researchers is a collaboration between two interdisciplinary research networks: the Swiss National Centre...

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Aug 2020

… “Using the high-performance computer, we were able to push into the microsecond time scale in our simulations. This revealed the role of sugar groups bound to the protein for the mechanism of peptide loading, which had previously only been...

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