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Jun 2020

… simultaneously on 4 June 2020 and covered soft skills like Business Basics, Voice and Body Language, Job Hunting and Presenting in TED Style, and Stress Management. “We organise the Summer School Solvation Science every year, and, despite the...

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… nitrate concentrations determined by numerous sensors in different locations, sending the information from the sensor to the cloud. Linked to weather data, simulations and satellite images, the system will be indicating trends in nitrate supply and will help estimate the overall fertiliser demand in the…

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Sep 2019

… to computer industry as it can be easily controlled. In the field of computer engineering, magnetically switchable materials play a significant role in data storage. A team from the Cluster of Excellence Ruhr Explores Solvation at Ruhr-Universität...

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Apr 2019

… They benefit from extensive training opportunities, especially in scientific methods, but also in soft skills like application methodology, project management, languages and writing courses. About the Cofund programme With the...

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Aug 2020

… complex using cryo-electron microscopy, but only with a resolution of about 0.6 to 1.0 nanometres, i.e. not in atomic detail. Based on these experimental data, Schäfer’s research team in collaboration with Professor Gunnar Schröder from...

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… trains around 100 PhD students, collaborates with over 20 partners around the world, fosters gender equality and technology transfer. Scientists Management RESOLV in a nutshell (2012-2017) scientists The core of RESOLV expertise comprises about 50 leaders from all partner institutions. These top…

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Feb 2019

… systems of the future", launched by NRW Economy Minister Professor Andreas Pinkwart. The panel comprised also Gunnar Herrmann, Chairman of the Management Board of Ford-Werke GmbH, Doris Korthaus, founder scholar, and Dr. Johannes Teyssen, CEO of...

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… 7 Measurement of thermophysical material data (density, speed of sound, impedance) of gas mixtures in high pressure regimes Fieback, Tobias, Dept. of…

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… set transformations, partial differentiation integration over arbitrary dimensional space basic statistical entities like distributions, averages, data regression, and hypothesis tests basic understanding of spectroscopic techniques and their connection to atomic and molecular systems: rotational,…

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Mar 2019

… automatically process and, if necessary, correct process parameters such as temperature, pressure, and pH value. It may further save and compare such data across global production sites in order to identify indicators of soon-to-emerge failure...

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