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Oct 2016

…tina Tschulik receives the Joachim Walther Schultze-Prize for young electrochemists, endowed with 2.000 Euro for her research on single nanoparticles. Prof Dr Kristina Tschulik received the Joachim Walther Schultze Prize for young electrochemists....

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Jun 2017

…Prof. Walter Thiel received the Kolos Medal this year for his outstanding contributions to Theoretical Chemistry. The Polish Chemical Society and the University of Warsaw awarded the Kolos Medal 2017 to Professor Walter Thiel from the...

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Jul 2014

… gained by means of simple model systems and thermodynamic analyses, in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). The results have been obtained following a collaboration under the umbrella of the Excellence Cluster RESOLV. The researchers were, moreover, presented with a Hot Topic Poster Award at this year’s Bunsentagung in Hamburg. read more

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Mar 2020

… RESOLV has tried to quickly adapt to the current situation: All scientists and staff are working from home and the first group meetings have been held from remote already by the end of last week. Today, RESOLV scientists have successfully found a...

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… Talks at international conferences RESOLV scientists so far responded to more than 450 invitations to give a presentation (keynote or plenary) at international conferences. 450+ Honors and awards RESOLV scientists so far collected more than 100 prizes, among them the prestigious ERC grants, Max Planck fellowships, the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award and the Humbold Research Prize. publications RESOLV scientists have so far published more than 1400 articles on referred journals. More than 300 of them appeared in Nature, Science, JACS, Angewandte, PNAS, PRL. More than 270 involve at least 2 RESOLV groups. More…

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Mar 2018

… and spin labels. RESOLV graduate students from the GSS school had also an important role during the retreat. They had the opportunity to present their work with short lectures that were distributed all along the conference, and during an evening...

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…           Recent Honours & Awards

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Jan 2017

… the appointment of Prof.  Enrica Bordignon, Prof. Viktoria Däschlein-Gessner, Prof. Lukas Gooßen und Prof. Clara Saraceno at RUB, the cluster has anchored to itself a total of nine new professors since its launch in 2012. Moreover, the pan-European...

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…Dr. Clara Saraceno was awarded the Sofja Kovalevskaja Prize and will come from ETH Zürich to RUB for five years to work with RESOLV PI Martina Havenith.

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