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Oct 2019

… we need to understand how the structure and activity of individual particles or small particle groups are related to each other," says Professor Wolfgang Schuhmann of the Center for Electrochemistry at RUB. He describes a new measurement method for...

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Aug 2018

… can be achieved under these conditions. “Electrodes have been used industrially for years, but we do not understand why they actually work,” explains Wolfgang Schuhmann, Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the Center for...

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Feb 2020

… Press Release Original Publication: Tobias Löffler, Alan Savan, Hajo Meyer, Michael Meischein, Valerie Strotkötter, Alfred Ludwig, Wolfgang Schuhmann: Design of complex solid solution electrocatalysts by correlating configuration, adsorption...

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Apr 2019

… exclusion of oxygen is the key for achieving high stability. The team involving Dr. Fangyuan Zhao, Dr. Adrian Ruff, Dr. Felipe Conzuelo, and Professor Wolfgang Schuhmann from the Chair of Analytical Chemistry and Center for Electrochemical...

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May 2017

… regenerates itself, as long as the components required for this are present in the electrolyte solution. A team involving Stefan Barwe, Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann and Dr Edgar Ventosa from the Bochum Chair of Analytical Chemistry reports on this in...

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Jun 2020

… Release Original Publication: Volker Hartmann, Dvir Harris, Tim Bobrowski, Adrian Ruff, Anna Frank, Thomas Günther-Pomorski, Matthias Roegner, Wolfgang Schuhmann, Noam Adir, Marc M. Nowaczyk: Improved quantum efficiency in an engineered light...

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Nov 2013

… rather than biomass with photosynthetic proteins - Efficient integration of photosystems 1 and 2 into photovoltaic cell. The team headed by Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann from the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Center for Electrochemical Sciences (CES) and Prof Dr Matthias Rögner from the Department of…

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May 2019

… journal "Angewandte Chemie" from 16 April 2019. "For this purpose, we have created the particle at the stick," explains Professor Wolfgang Schuhmann, head of the Center for Electrochemical Sciences. Observing the complete lifecycle The...

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Dec 2019

… processes such as hydrogen oxidation or oxygen reduction on precious metals in fuel cells is of great importance," says Professor Wolfgang Schuhmann from the Center for Electrochemical Sciences at RUB. Another essential class are light-activated...

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… RUB 11 Analysis of Materials for Energy-Conversion Devices by Means of Scanning Photoelectrochemical Microscopy Wolfgang Schuhmann, Analytical Chemistry, RUB 12 X-ray Reflectometry Metin Tolan, Experimental Physics, TU…

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