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Mar 2016

… Leiden report in what way the efficiency of electrodes can be increased for the purpose of water electrolysis. Typically, platinum is applied as catalyst, in order to accelerate the conversion of water to hydrogen and oxygen. For the reaction to be...

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…Ang.Chem.: Until now, unwanted by-products have always been produced during the reactions. The catalyst opens up new applications.

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…PNAS: The heart of the biological catalyst is only introduced during the last step. The process is complex.

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…Angew. Chem.: A mixture of catalyst and polymer could be sprayed on an electrode surface, which is then transferred into an oven... -

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…Phys. Rev. Lett.: RUB researchers analyse interfaces between water and catalyst with computer simulations. Prof. Dominik Marx and coworkers describe the results in the journals “Physical Review Letters” and “Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.”

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Feb 2020

… time. They labelled it with small sequences of antibodies to which a contrast agent was linked. By detecting the spin of the metal contrast agent with electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (EPR, in short), they could draw conclusions on the...

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Aug 2014

… report in Chemistry - a European journal, selected as a very important paper (VIP) by the journal, offers a new immobilization strategy that yields electron transfer rates exceeding for the first time rates observed in natural photosynthesis. This discovery opens the possibility for the construction of…

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Jul 2016

…Nat. Comm.: Converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into a useful chemical would be highly desirable. However, the catalysts available to date have not been efficient enough.

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Apr 2018

… In this last publication we developed a sustainable, salt-free strategy for CO2-insertion into non-activated C-H bonds. We found a copper(I) catalyst that enables the carboxylation step of terminal alkynes with CO2 in the presence of a very mild...

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… research Dr Nicolas Plumeré has received 1.5 million Euro for five years from the European Research Council (ERC). Plumere, enzyme, hydrogen, catalyst, energy conversion, ERC Starting Grant

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