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Humboldt laureate Susumu Kitagawa visits RUB Co-operation with RUB Chemistry is projected

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Jun 2017

… percent by 2020. However, this presents a significant technical challenge: biodiesel vaporises at higher temperatures, which can lead to problems with electronic fuel injection systems and particulate filters. Researchers from Kaiserslautern,...

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Jul 2017

… Berlin have clarified the crucial catalytic step in the production of hydrogen by enzymes. The enzymes, called [FeFe]-hydrogenases, efficiently turn electrons and protons into hydrogen. They are thus a candidate for the biotechnological production...

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Dec 2017

… the production of molecular hydrogen in single-cell green algae. They were able to demonstrate how the enzyme succeeds in transferring two electrons in succession to two hydrogen ions and thereby assume stable intermediate states. READ MORE ...

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Mar 2018

… with around 1 million euros for five years. The new theoretical methods should allow more accurate predictions about molecules with a complex electronic structure. “These play a central role in many areas of chemistry, such as the catalysis of...

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Mar 2018

… Feringa and Stoddart. Such self-assembled structures with increasing complexity promise future application as selective receptors, enzyme-mimicking catalysts and stimuli-responsive materials. 3. Is this related to Solvation Science? If yes, how? ...

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Apr 2018

… hydrogen production with the synthetic mineral pentlandite. This makes it possible to develop strategies for the design of robust and cost-effective catalysts for hydrogen production. The working groups of Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann and Dr...

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Oct 2015

… Schuhmann and former RESOLV PS Aliaksandr Bandarenka (now TU München) published a paper in Science about a new method for the development of catalysts.

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Jul 2018

…Nat.Chem.: Benjamin List found a potent catalysts that leads to tertiary aldol products in excellent yields and enantioselectivities.

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Jun 2015

…Angew. Chem.: Researchers from Bochum, Mülheim and France found a way to protect sensitive catalysts from oxygen-caused damage. RESOLV members T. Happe, W. Lubitz, W. Schuhmann and N. Plumeré publish in JACS and Angewandte Chemie.

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