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Oct 2018

… effects Many molecules, such as amino acids and sugars, exist in two mirror-imaged spatial arrangements, but usually only one of them occurs in nature. "Biologically, the effect can be very different," says Christian Merten, a member of the...

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May 2018

… future. For the research, the team around Dr Fangyuan Zhao, Dr Felipe Conzuelo and Prof Dr Wolfgang Schuhmann from the RUB-Centre for Electrochemical Sciences cooperated with colleagues from the Bochum Chair of Plant Biochemistry. The work took...

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Apr 2020

… are mostly sufficient for a good description, but not in the case of water: The interactions in water dimers account for 75 per cent of the energy that keeps water together. Martina Havenith, head of the Bochum-based Chair of Physical Chemistry II...

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… Scholarship Programme (GSSP) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the integrated Graduate School Solvation Science (iGSS)  will again offer 4 promising doctoral students the opportunity to undertake their doctoral studies under the supervision of one scientist within the RESOLV consortium. Two scholarships are available for doctoral studies to begin est. May - 1. December 2021 (third call: applications accepted 15th October - 15th December 2020) and the other two in 2022 (fourth call: applications welcomed from 1st September - 31st October 2021). They will be funded by…

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Oct 2019

…mistry 4.0: The incubator for start-ups in chemistry “Start4Chem” kicks-off. Start-up founders in chemistry have a harder life than founders in other fields. The business incubator "Start4Chem", which has just started, aims to help. Conceived by...

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Sep 2020

… to investigate how water molecules behave around biomolecules. Since almost all biological processes take place in solution, i.e. with the participation of water, their dynamics are of great importance. To honor this pioneering work, the Optical...

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Jul 2017

…Angew. Chem.: 3 Questions to RESOLV scientist Wolfram Sander about his recent Angewandte Chemie publication on heavy atom tunneling.

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Aug 2020

…y applications Organolithium compounds are among the most reactive compounds in synthetic chemistry. “Due to their special properties, they are indispensable in many applications, even on an industrial scale,” says Viktoria Däschlein-Gessner,...

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Mar 2019

…EMBO J: RESOLV scientists identified a protein quality control mechanism against misfolded proteins, mediated by the LUBAC complex

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Nov 2018

… put a spoonful of sugar into your coffee in a morning. The solid crystals are solvated in no time at all and disperse in the liquid. What happens at a molecular level is difficult to decipher because the process takes place too quickly at room...

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