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Sep 2013

… cluster RESOLV has achieved successful results only a few months after its inception: by applying nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, an international team comprised of researchers from the RUB and from…

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… is featured in the cover story of the renowned journal “Angewandte Chemie”. interacting, nuclear spins, electromagnetic radiation, CAT scan, Nuclear Overhauser Effect (NOE)

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… or liquid. Normally, however, they are unstable. Julia Weiler - Translated by Lund Languages magnetic organic molecules, metals, magnetism, spin, trinitrenes

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Jul 2019

… Explores Solvation Cluster of Excellence at Ruhr-Universität Bochum has created new molecules with magnetic properties. In contrast to many earlier organic magnets, the molecules - called trinitrenes - were…

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Aug 2018

… Teucher was awarded the best poster prize at the 59th Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance with the poster '4-pulse Nitroxide-nitroxide Q-band DEER revisited: Improved signal…

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Mar 2018

… catenane (made by two entangled rings; M = metal, L = ligand). To elucidate its structure, we used nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and X-ray diffraction techniques. 2. What is its…

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Mar 2017

… structural origin of protein surface water dynamics, still remain. It became clear that advances in magnetic resonance, sum frequency generation, non-linear spectroscopy and new terahertz lasers allow us to…

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… Karriere. Bordignon, protein structure, Prize, European research, electronic spin resonance, cell death, apoptosis

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Feb 2020

… a contrast agent was linked. By detecting the spin of the metal contrast agent with electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (EPR, in short), they could draw conclusions on the state of the protein. The…

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… EPR spectroscopy, site-directed spin labeling, Double Electron-Electron Resonance, dynamic nuclear polarization,membrane protein structure-dynamics-function relationship, water dynamics, Bcl-2…

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