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Ang.Chem.: Bacterial enzymes are often powerful but also very sensitive catalysts. To call up their performance, they therefore need a special environment.

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… University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands Principles of Monte Carlo Sampling Yuki Nagata Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Sum-Frequency Generation Spectra Poul B. Petersen Cornell University, USA Introduction to surface nonlinear spectroscopy and applications to study water at interfaces and in biological settings Sylvie Roke EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland Nonlinear light scattering: molecular structure and electrostatic potentials on the nanoscale Mariana Rossi Fritz Haber Institute, Germany Ab initio (quantum) molecular dynamics for H-bonded…

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Feb 2021

… made by secondary school students. Aimed at university students, the Solvation Science Students’ Challenge will be launched in collaboration with Evonik in the fall of 2021, focusing on research, development and business start-ups. In general,...

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