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Dec 2018

… 180 involving a collaboration between at least 2 RESOLV groups. RESOLV scientists answered questions such as: How do ions gather water molecules around them? Is it possible to observe individual silver nanoparticles in real time? And can we use...

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Jan 2019

… beginning of a new era for the Excellence Cluster. Resolv has kicked off: After being already a Cluster of Excellence at RUB for seven years, the joint Resolv proposal by RUB and TU Dortmund University secured a new funding period under the...

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Apr 2019

… the content published by her. From the moment when she brought her children to the local Kindergarten, the chemist started reporting about meetings with fellow scientists (also from RESOLV), research project discussions, laboratory experiments and...

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Oct 2019

… to aim even higher in the future. Next stop: space. (Deutsche Version unten) The balance sheet for the first seven years in the Ruhr Explores Solvation (RESOLV) Cluster of Excellence is outstanding. Over 960 publications in high-ranking journals,...

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… costs, and environmental protection: a nitrate bio-sensor developed by researchers at RUB has the potential to achieve all these objectives. The sensor, which can be used by farmers directly in the field, is about to become reality: to this end, Prof Dr Nicolas Plumeré and Dr Tobias Vöpel have been awarded a Proof of Concept Grant by the European Research Council (ERC) for the period of one and a half years. Farmers have been relying on experience Lab tests, even though very reliable are time consuming and expensive. Therefore, farmers have relied more on their experience than on regular testing when…

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Jul 2020

…. Combined with big-data analyses, the new measurement technology could help to detect health problems at an early stage or to better predict the course of disease. For the development of the test strip, Professor Nicolas Plumeré and Dr. Tobias...

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… subsequent workshop took place on 22nd of September 2020 at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. In addition to technical insights into the topics of Solvation Science and disinfection, general information on participation was explained and initial ideas for possible Facharbeiten were jointly generated. Awards and funding In addition to material prizes for the awarded pupils, participating schools have the opportunity to apply for a material grant of up to a maximum of 1000 € per school to supplement the equipment for carrying out the technical work at the schools. The corresponding application form must…

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Sep 2020

… possible candidates, but, to achieve an optimal design, the hidden link between catalytic activity and the various particle properties needs to be deciphered. This is the focus of the new project of solvation scientist Kristina Tschulik, Chair of...

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Nov 2020

… to elucidate the structure of such DNA adducts with high accuracy and provides evidence for intercalated compounds. Clever and Kasanmascheff just published their results in an open access paper in the journal Angewandte Chemie. The publication was...

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