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Dec 2018

… between the teams from Bochum, Duisburg-Essen, and Erlangen-Nuremberg led by Professor Karina Morgenstern, Dr. Cord Bertram, Professor Uwe Bovensiepen and Professor Michel Bockstedte, which is currently being continued within the framework of the...

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Jan 2021

…Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.: RESOLV scientists reinvent popular dyes into new structures with promising functions.

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Jul 2018

… team replicated the oxidation of silver in the presence of chloride ions, which often takes place in ecological and biological systems. “Until now, it was generally assumed that the silver particles dissolve in the form of silver ions,” describes...

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Jun 2020

… bulk water. The assumption to date was that tetrahedral, “ice-like” water dominate in the innermost hydration shell of hydrophobic molecules. The opposite is the case. These new findings were published by the team headed by Professor Martina...

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Nov 2020

… a local pH value near a specific site of a biomolecule. A reliable measurement with a pH meter is only been possible in larger ensemble, or homogeneous bulk. The new procedure, which is based on terahertz spectroscopy, is described by the team from...

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Apr 2018

…Chem. Eur. J.: 3 Questions to RESOLV Scientist Lukas Gooßen about his recent publication in 'Chemistry - A European Journal' on introducing C-C bonds under salt-free conditions.

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… quantities, which they require to make proteins. Fertiliser contaminates groundwater “Not only does fertiliser cost a lot of money, but it also gets into groundwater if it is not absorbed by the plants,” explains Nicolas Plumeré, member of the cluster of excellence Ruhr explores solvation (Resolv). As nitrate is converted to harmful nitrite by bacteria, it must be removed from drinking water. This, in turn, leads to additional costs borne by the public purse. A drop of plant juice is enough Under the umbrella of the ERC Starting Grant, Plumeré, together with Tobias Vöpel, developed the nitrate…

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… Advanced Modules 2019 The advanced laboratory hands-on modules give the students an opportunity to learn new and interesting experimental and theoretical techniques established in RESOLV within a research topic of their own choice. A list of the Advanced Modules offered at our Summer School in 2019 can be found below. No. of ModuleTitle and Abstract of Advanced ModuleDepartment offering Modul 1 Measuring conformational dynamics and water accessibility of a spin-labeled protein by EPR Enrica Bordignon, EPR Spectroscopy, RUB 2 Exploring solvation and protonation in the solid state using synchroton and…

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Oct 2019

… shields it from oxygen and thus makes its service life practically infinite while maintaining its ability to work efficiently. The team reports in the Journal of the American Chemical Society on 16 September 2019. The researchers led by Professor...

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… grant About the person Nicolas Plumeré studied chemistry in Strasbourg and Glasgow and got his doctorate in 2009 at the Universität Tübingen. Since 2010, he has been the Junior Research Group Leader at the RUB Center for Electrochemistry and does research in the Excellence Cluster Resolv. Links Press release: More ERC Starting Grants at RUB Press release: More ERC Starting Grants at RUB Press release: More ERC Starting Grants at RUB

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