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Oct 2019

…mistry 4.0: The incubator for start-ups in chemistry “Start4Chem” kicks-off. Start-up founders in chemistry have a harder life than founders in other fields. The business incubator "Start4Chem", which has just started, aims to help. Conceived by...

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Sep 2020

… to investigate how water molecules behave around biomolecules. Since almost all biological processes take place in solution, i.e. with the participation of water, their dynamics are of great importance. To honor this pioneering work, the Optical...

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Jul 2017

…Angew. Chem.: 3 Questions to RESOLV scientist Wolfram Sander about his recent Angewandte Chemie publication on heavy atom tunneling.

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Aug 2020

…y applications Organolithium compounds are among the most reactive compounds in synthetic chemistry. “Due to their special properties, they are indispensable in many applications, even on an industrial scale,” says Viktoria Däschlein-Gessner,...

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Mar 2019

…EMBO J: RESOLV scientists identified a protein quality control mechanism against misfolded proteins, mediated by the LUBAC complex

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Nov 2018

… put a spoonful of sugar into your coffee in a morning. The solid crystals are solvated in no time at all and disperse in the liquid. What happens at a molecular level is difficult to decipher because the process takes place too quickly at room...

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Jun 2019

… droplet-like ensembles and perform biological functions. Scientists think that these biomolecular systems have played a role in initiating life, as the harsh temperature and pressure conditions of the early Earth may have prompted simple organic...

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Jul 2020

… Chair of Theoretical Chemistry, reports in the high-impact journal ACS Catalysis on 14 July 2020. Mind the water molecules In a 2018 study, the RUB group of Professor Dominik Marx, Chair of Theoretical Chemistry and Research Area coordinator in...

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Mar 2018

…”. Was considered impossible Bonds between carbon and hydrogen are very stable and are reluctant to undergo chemical reactions. “For that reason, it had long been considered impossible to transform these bonds into functional groups”, explains...

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Apr 2018

…tity of solvent in which the reaction took place was also crucial. “We have taken a first important step towards harnessing CO2 for the chemical industry, which would be a great economic and environmental advantage,” says Lukas Goossen, member in...

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