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Feb 2018

… back at their cooperation during the New Year’s reception at TU Dortmund: Since 2012, the Cluster of Excellence has already produced more than 700 publications, 155 of which are in high-impact journals. On Wednesday, 21st February, Resolv submitted...

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Jun 2018

… month RESOLV has reached a new goal: 820 articles published in peer reviewed journals, since the Cluster's inception in November 2012. Around 150 publications appeared in Nature, Science, JACS, Angewandte, PNAS, PRL. More than 180 articles involve...

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Dec 2018

… UMSICHT (based in Oberhausen), the Max Plank Institutes for Coal and Iron Research (in Düsseldorf and Mülheim an der Ruhr, respectively). 2. Publications exceed 1000! Publications in peer-reviewed journals surpassed the mark number of 1000 publica...

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Oct 2019

… Version unten) The balance sheet for the first seven years in the Ruhr Explores Solvation (RESOLV) Cluster of Excellence is outstanding. Over 960 publications in high-ranking journals, including 225 cooperative journals, and around 100 awards for...

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Dec 2019

… to fundamental questions, such as the origin of life, but they will also deal with concrete applications, including renewable energy technologies.Publications in peer-reviewed journals surpassed 1300! Publications on referred journals since 2012...

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Sep 2020

… in the field of optics and photonics. The active role of water Martina Havenith's outstanding results in this field begin with two groundbreaking publications in 2006 and 2007, followed by a large number of papers, many of which have been...

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Feb 2021

… data to publish their results in internationally renewed journals even though they were confined to work-from-home. This has resulted in more than 120 publications in 2020 alone, some of them as joint productions of two or three working groups...

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