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Welcome to the new portal of Solvation Science!

We can offer you a brand new access point to RESOLV and solvation research.


Since the dawn of RESOLV in 2012, we had one primary goal: To establish Solvation Science as a new research field. Besides the lab work, sharing our results with scientists, students, journalists and lay people has always been part of that mission. As our adventure in the solvation world progressed, so did our outreach activities: A website, conferences's participation and organisation (i.e. Bunsentagung 2015), editorials in high ranking journals (i.e. Angewandte Chemie), the blog, the exhibition 'Völlig Losgelöst', a dedicated issue in the scientific journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics and in the chemistry magazine Chemie in unserer Zeit, and much more.

Now, five years later, Solvation Science is a recognised research field, and, taking the cue from the results obtained, we are expanding and shaping it in new ways. Accordingly, we need new ways to connect to our world and the outside.

Our new website responds to this new dimension of Solvation Science: From seed idea to blossomed territory. I hope you agree with us that the website shows an appealing design. In the homepage you will already get a glimpse of our main activities. The top menu is easy to navigate, with only five voices and a rational design. Each of the main voices has an introductory page that displays you our best flowers.

If you are a scientist, you surely are interested on our research page and our publications page.

If you are a student, you can find information on our master and PhD programmes on the iMOS and GSS pages, respectively.

If you are a journalist, you will know get to know us better in the about page and get crispy numbers in the Facts & Figures page. 

To find more out about special opportunities which we offer, go to our equal opportunity and career page.

Whoever you are, we hope we can now give you easy access to the information about solvation science that you seek. Enjoy the spring, enjoy our new website!

- Martina Havenith, speaker of RESOLV

Leading actor: the solvent

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